Solutions for agricolture

WaterMaker for Agricolture

WaterMaker can be considered an optimal solution for agriculture, particularly if combined with a drip irrigation system, and can provide relief to all those productions that suffer from endemic water shortages in certain periods of the year. We also have solutions for accumulating excess water produced (water reserve) in suitable tanks or containers, thus being able to use it at a later time and avoiding its dispersion.

Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of enriching the water produced with specific minerals, in collaboration with agronomists and oenologists, we can provide a specific product for a particular production or a specific territory


We can produce every day from 500 to 10,000 liters of water

The air is conveyed inside the machinery thanks to extractor fans (1). A first micro-perforated filter (2) purifies the air from larger impurities, such as sand or earth. The air is pushed into a condenser (3) which, by lowering the temperature, brings the humidity present in the air to the "dew" state and begins to generate water.

The water undergoes another purification step through an activated carbon cylinder (4) and then a mineralization step through a second filter (5) until it falls by gravity into a container where collection takes place (6).

At that point a compressor (7) will push the accumulated water, adequately purified and added, into the drip channeling system (8) for irrigation.

Meanwhile the refrigerant liquid is pushed through a duct (9) directly into the compressor and from there to the condenser, cooling down again before starting its cycle again. The dehumidified air, however, is pushed towards the condensate, cooling it and then expelled (10) through a specially dedicated fan


Complete agricultural cycle a


The cycle we are presenting enjoys countless advantages and can be completely modulated according to the needs of the different agricultural areas.

The system is powered by the energy produced by photovoltaic panels but can also be powered by any other energy source, both traditional and sustainable (1). The energy produced will power the water generation system but can also be stored in special accumulators/batteries and be used to satisfy, in part or totally, the farm's energy needs (2). This solution also offers a huge advantage from a sustainability point of view, particularly in the context of recycling used batteries. The problem of disposing of batteries, for example electric cars, becomes an opportunity for us, allowing us to use them to store excess energy produced and facilitate a virtuous system.

Our system must also be considered an innovation with a high technological impact.

A special self-powered Wi-Fi antenna (3) will allow, via smartphone and computer, to always keep the production of water and electricity under control, modify the water flow and control irrigation. At the same time it will radiate a very intense Wi-Fi signal which will allow you to cover rural areas that are often not reached by good coverage.

Furthermore, through the storage system, it will be possible to power not only the farm but also any electric energy vehicles such as tractors, cars and agricultural tools(4).