WATER MAKER is an innovative and ecological solution for producing water by absorbing the humidity present in the air (atmospheric water) and transforming it into drinkable water.

Atmospheric generators are an ideal solution to allow better access to water in all environmental conditions, allowing you to significantly reduce the use of plastic.

AWG systems generate pure, fresh drinking water directly from the air we breathe through a condensation process.

The water produced does not contain contaminants, bacteria or other microorganisms: the system involves multiple filtration phases, the use of blue light UV lamps and enrichment through mineralized filters which can also vary depending on the conditions of the area of use.

The machines can be for domestic, internal or external use, or industrial: our systems are capable of producing from a minimum of 30/40 liters per day up to a maximum of 35,000 litres.

The machines are transportable, both by road and rail, and can work with traditional energy, diesel or gas generators or with sustainable energy such as solar panels.

Water Maker machines can be considered a solution to the problem of water supply of small islands, rocky areas or African villages that suffer from the lack of pure drinking water.

WaterMaker has currently filed 3 patents "By Mode of Use" identifiable with the number 202021000002417, number 202022000000041 and number 202022000003117.

WaterMaker has obtained United Nations approval as an "Authorized Supplier" (through the Parent Company "Emirode General Trading LLC - Dubai").

*(nominale: Paolo Cagliero - Creator).