About us

The WaterMaker project was conceived by Paolo Cagliero, CEO of WaterMaker HOLDING LLC, a company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

Our operational hub, including headquarters, offices, and logistics, is located in Kuwait, specifically in the Saphan area. Spanning across a 2,500 square meter facility, this is where we manufacture our 16, 40, and 100 liter daily production machines. Heading the Kuwaiti factory is Mr. Salem Al Sheraian.

Leading our design efforts is Mr. Santo Costa, an expert in product and equipment design for industrial production. He oversees a team of professionals responsible for engineering projects and designing both the machines and production areas.

For distribution in Middle Eastern countries, our dedicated commercial office in Kuwait directly manages operations. Meanwhile, distribution across Europe, Africa, and the Americas is handled by trusted partners renowned for their expertise in distribution, logistics, and after-sales support.

Originally from Turin, he pursued studies in political economy before venturing abroad to specialize in company internationalization. He is the mastermind behind the WaterMaker technology and its diverse applications, including those tailored for agriculture.

Paolo Cagliero

WaterMaker Holding LLC

With a degree in Economics and Commerce, her extensive entrepreneurial experience is rooted in her tenure as the founder and CEO of notable international enterprises. She now holds the pivotal role of exclusive distributor for WaterMaker in Italy, Corsica, and the Canary Islands.

Silvia Stupino

WaterMaker Italia