Water is Life

Nothing can exist on earth without water, climate change and global warming are giving strength to an increasingly concrete problem: drought.

WaterMaker technology allows us to produce the highest quality drinking water by absorbing the humidity present in the air we breathe.

A system that transforms atmospheric water into drinkable water


bringing water where there is none means giving life


Atmospheric generators are an ideal solution to allow better access to water in all environmental conditions, while also significantly reducing the use of plastic.

The water produced is enclosed in recyclable products without the use of plastic

AWG (air water generator) systems generate pure, fresh drinking water directly from the air we breathe thanks to 3 processes: condensation, purification and mineralization.



WaterMaker has currently filed 3 patents "By Mode of Use" identifiable by the number 202021000002417, number 202022000000041 and number 202022000003117

(nominal: Paolo Cagliero - Creator).

The WaterMaker Logo has been registered with practice number 302022000112209

WaterMaker has obtained United Nations approval as an "Authorized Supplier" (through the Parent Company "Emirode General Trading LLC - Dubai, UAE").